10 Adorable and Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

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I have always loved Halloween growing up, and even more so as an adult. Now that I have a kiddo who can play and enjoy this best holiday ever, I plan to raise him right and enjoy Halloween together!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your toddler this fall, check out this roundup of adorable and easy Halloween crafts for toddlers.


Halloween Crafts for Toddlers



Simple Halloween and Fall Toddler Crafts



Ghost crafts

This Puffy Ghost craft is such a great idea. It seems super simple and cute.

These Ghost Balloons look like fun too.

Ooh check out these Coffee Filter Ghost Lollipops that can double as a party favor.

Spider crafts

I love these Paper Plate Spiders, with their creepy crawly legs.

Ok seriously these Pinecone spiders are amazing! Super props to the crafter because this is skills right here.

I like these Paper cup spiders, pretty simple to do and my toddler is crazy about cups anyway.

Here’s another great one to make using toilet paper rolls – Cardboard Tube Spiders. You know you save up those rolls (ok tubes) just in case you one day want to craft with them. Here’s your chance.

And don’t forget my easyHalloween spider craft for toddlers!


Other Halloween crafts

You can’t have Halloween without a good Mummy. Well try making this super simple fun Masking Tape mummy craft.

Here’s another fun paper plate craft, and you always need pumpkins in the fall! Make these fun Paper Plate Pumpkins with your tot.

Puppets! Kids love ’em, popsicle sticks are fun, win win. Make these Popsicle Stick puppets and put on a show.

What fun toddler crafts are you making this Halloween?


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