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I love collaborating with other bloggers and am open to guest posts here on Fab Working Mom Life. This is a family lifestyle blog, and I typically post about motherhood and being a working mom, raising a baby/toddler, family interest in general, and blogging. I’m also a military spouse and sometimes have posts on that topic as well.

Topic options

Acceptable guest post topics will have something to do with motherhood and the working mom life, women’s issues or family concerns.  No religious or political content.

Most of my audience is in the US, so the guest post needs to be targetted to a US audience.

I’m currently doing a series discussing childcare/nannies and would love to have other bloggers share their experiences with finding adequate childcare, their decision process on the care selected (daycare, nanny, or other option), and any tips they want to share. 

The Fine print

These guest posts do not allow any sponsored/brand, company, or product links to be included – we can discuss a sponsored contributed post instead.  This includes a bio link to a company selling a product or service.

Affiliate links must be approved in advance and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. I reserve the right to add my own affiliate links to the post as well as remove any links that I do not approve of.

Must have your own blog or site. I’m getting too many spammy guest post requests from “freelancers” getting paid to post on other blogs. 

All external links are “nofollow” by default with a plugin. I can specify exceptions only for sites I know and trust.

Please make sure your posts are edited for clarity and grammar prior to submittal. You can use tools like Grammarly (even the free browser extension is super helpful). I also reserve the right to edit the post language as necessary for clarity and alignment with this blog’s values.

If you include images in your guest post, please provide the source for these images and confirm they are free to use under creative commons.

Please submit your guest post in a word document and attach any images separately. A blogger bio will be part of the guest post and will include the blogger’s website and social media links. Please provide these when you send your post language.

Ready to pitch?

Please submit your topic and details about what you plan to include in the post, as well as your blog link, and we can discuss the details.

You can email me at or fill out the form below to get in touch with me.

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